Jailbreak iPhone 8 and iOS 11 Updates.

After iPhone 8 introduced in 2017, it has known as the 10th anniversary of the iPhones. And at the beginning to now within each and every year Apple company offer a massive firmware update for their beloved iDevice users with a newest Apple product. And this time they are ready to release the 11th iOS firmware to the public with iPhone 8. Of course, as usual, these products will release to the public at coming September. Of course, it has more time to release these newest products to the public, but now if you surf the web you can found more facts related iPhone release date, features, iPhone 8 jailbreak, Cydia download and more. Well, go through this round-up to have more details.

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At the begin of this month, the WWDC 2017 has held. And within that, the Apple company declare more about their upcoming products including iOS 11, TV OS 11, Watch OS 11 and more. After that, they have released the 1st developer beta for the paid developers too. Of course, while busy with the iOS 11 they also, focusing on their September product iPhone 8 too. Seems the 11th firmware will include more added features and changes. And mention that this time Apple focus more to improve the productivity of iPad devices. And when we focus on iPhone 8 it mentions that this year the Company has a master plan to redesign the product.

iOS 11 Features.

When we are focusing on iPhone 8 it is vital to mention about the iOS 11. Because it is the latest firmware Apple ready to introduced with the iPhone 8. Of course, Within the features of the firmware, it more polish the iPhone 8. And at the WWDC 2017, Apple spend more time to demo the keynote of the iOS 11. After that now iOS 11 beta period has started. So now iOS 11 2nd developer beta and the 01st public beta is available to download. Well, want you to know more about the firmware, then here are the most notable features we can find with iOS 11.

iOS 11 Features Video Guide.

Keyboard Modifications.

To enhance the typing speed and the smoothness they improve keyboard features including one-handed typing, password auto fill and more.

Map App Modifications.

Now, most of the smart device users are gaining the advantage of the navigation. So, Apple concern to develop the features of Map app including Land change guidance, One hand Zoom, Show the current speed limit and more.

Message App Enhancements.

Message app is one of the most used apps in the iDevice. Therefore, developer concern to offer better features to the users within the latest 11th update. So, we can see more features including Business chat preview, App drawer redesign, New Echo and Spotlight effects and more.

Note App Modifications.

If you are using the Note app, then within iPhone 8 you can enjoy more features including Document scanning, Pin important notes, Insert tables and more.

Photo App Improvements.

Obviously most of the iOS user willing to enjoy the iPhone camera. So, the company mainly focus on this app for offer best features. Therefore iOS 11 introduced supportiveness for animated gifs, Live photo loop, bounce, long exposure and more.

Safari Enhancements.

Safari is the available default browsing bar in the iDevice. Therefore, it is important to polish up the features of it. Within iOS 11 you can enjoy 3D Touch Gesture with switch tabs, Siri suggestions for browsing activities, Word definitions and more.  

Siri Improvements.

Siri is the most highlighted feature in the iDevice are Siri. Developer highly concerns on this and this time also, we can note more modification with it including Language translation, new, music related commands, To new male and female voices, Type instead of talk and more.

Rather than these features you can enjoy more modification features with Mail, news, Camera, iCloud, Storage and more other aspects. Of course, in the moment there were limited details available. And within the final release, these features will be more polish up and we can see more modifications too.

iPhone 8 Features

Well, after having a clear idea about the upcoming firmware update I think you may wish to have more updates related to upcoming iPhone 8. Of course, as the newest iPhone product and celebrate the 10th anniversary the Developer has planned to redesign the device. Further to have a full change this time they reach to the iPhone product as iPhone 8 instead of reaching as iPhone 7S. And now, they have more iPhone 8 designs and we can’t guess what will really offer to us. Anyhow, according to the available rumors, there were several changes and newly added features we could able to find within iPhone 8. And among them here are some highlighted features.

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Faster A11 Architecture.

within each and every newest product they have focused on including new A series chip to the device to add a new performance measure. And this year they are focusing on A11 chipset and we can see an important performance uplift and they are ready to introduce their own custom designed GPU with this chipset.  

Glass Body Design.

Apple normally refreshes their product design within two years. and now as like the iPhone 4S, again they have planned to move away from the aluminum body and reached to a glass-backed body. And rumored there will be a stainless steel frame will be in the higher-end.

Three Models.

Several rumors indicate that this time there will be three types of iPhones including a “Premium” OLED and two standard Lcd devices. and the sizes of these devices may be 4.7 inches, 5.5 and 5.8 (OLED). And there were many rumors related that these three models will be with the glass body.

Water Resistance.

This time the company has improved the water resistant IP67 certificate and now the iPhone 8 will be able to stay up to 30 minutes within 1.5 meters of water. Further, it also provides full dust protection too.

Wireless Charging.

Most of the rumored revealed that iPhone 8 will release with a wireless charging technology. And it will most probably based on the inductive-style wireless charging technology.  

Instead of these features it has more other features including No more Home Button, Camera and touches ID integrate, Edge-to-edge display storage modifications, RAM, Battery life and more others.

Jailbreak iPhone 8 and jailbreak iOS 11 Possibilities Comparison with Previous iOS Devices.

Of course, as a jailbreak lover, you may also wish to know the jailbreak ability of this latest Apple product. And If you have been a long time with the Apple products you may know, that within each and every iOS firmware updates and the products they are focusing more on the security features. And in the recent iPhone 7 series, they have introduced a new Apple file system. Within these things, they have planned implement restrictions for the hackers. And still, there was lack of details available for the iPhone 8. So, we can’t clearly mention the jailbreak-ability of the iPhone 8 at the moment.

jailbreak iphone 8 and iOS 11

But when we focusing on the upcoming iOS 11 currently it was in the 1st public beta and the 2nd developer beta. And now it has passed nearly one month of the introduction. But the hackers able to jailbreak iOS 11 betas within couples of a week. Of course, on last MOSEC 2017, Keen Lab has demoed about iOS 11 jailbreak on iPhone 7. And they got success to run Cydia on it too. So, if you are crazy Cydia lover this will be a good news for you.

Jailbreak Implantations and Warnings.

Well, at the beginning stages of the iOS 11, thanks to the Keen Team now there is a jailbreak demo. And in accordance with the remaining facts, the jailbreak method is related to the Semi-untethered. So, after each and every reboot user needs to re-jailbreak the iOS device.  So, now most of the jailbreak lovers will hope that they will able to run Cydia on their latest Phone 8. Cydia Downlod Demo will help you with the coming up jailbreak. 

But remember still iOS 11 is in its early testing period. So, there will be more chance to have weak features. So in my point of view in future within the further, development the firmware will be more stable, So it will be difficult to hack the version. And when iOS 11 runs in iPhone it will be more difficult and hackers need to focus more on this.

Troubleshoot iPhone 8

Obviously, while we are focusing on iPhone 8, really we haven’t an idea that what will be on our hand at the final release. Because at the moment all the related details are based on the rumors and Developer will not ready to leak their surprise to the users. Anyhow according to the details it has revealed that we know iPhone 8 will feature as wireless charging. But the rumors mentioned that the developer now faces the overheating problem with this. Further, to improve battery they ready to introduce smaller printed circuit board for the iPhone 8 to access more powerful two cell battery. And clue that now there were quality related issues based on this.

There were more other rumors related to the iPhone 8. But actually, still, the iPhone 08 wasn’t to the public. So, we can hope the iOS 11 and iPhone 8 final combination will overcome these troubles. Of course, the 11th firmware was the best solution to overcome from more questions and within the further, system modifications the existing all troubles will be solved.   

Pros and Cons Of iPhone 8

Of course, within each and every year Apple focus to offer the best features to their beloved iDevice users. So, within the latest product, it has more positive impacts. But within every product, there may be a high chance to have a downside too. So, here are some advantages and disadvantages related to the upcoming iPhone 8.

Advantages of iPhone 8.

  • An OLED display removes the necessity of having to backlight as like the traditional  LCD displays, and further, it will help to reduce the thickness and the weight of the device.
  • Within a redesigned of glass technology and its materials, and the stainless steel frame like the Gorilla glass it uplifts the hefty that ever. Further, it will help to prevent from breakage.
  • Suggest offering more color variant including red and deep blue.
  • iPhone 8 will benefit more other advantages from the iOS 11 features including Dark Mode, and other updated features.

Disadvantages of iPhone 8.

  • As like the iPhone 7, this time will also, there may not include the warranty for water damages in the iPhone 08.
  • An OLED displays haven’t lifespan and further, there will be more risk to water damages.
  • Within the A11 chipset, it will badly affect the battery life of the iPhone 8.
  • Within the all available details, the next iPhone 8 will be more costly than the other previous iPhone models.
  • And when you need to compare with the other Android and relevant smart devices iPhone 8 haven’t the access for Dual Sim, SD card slot, USB-C, Iris,-scanning and more others.